Infidel Offroad  is a Proud Sponsor of

4th Annual Krawling for COPS Event will be held on June 2-4, 2017 at RauschCreek Offroad Park!! If you attended the 2016 event, 2017 is expected to be BIGGER AND BETTER!! All Proceeds will be donated to the Maryland and Pennsylavania Chapters of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S)

Infidel Offroad is a Proud Sponsor of Topless For TaTa's

Wheeling with your Tops off (the Jeep) while making new friends, enjoying the outdoors and most importantly raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Research. In order for Topless for TATAs (TFT) to raise funds and awareness we hold our main event in August where we take groups out on the trails to see exactly what their off-road vehicle can do. Everyone at the organization are volunteers including your trail guides; however, the guides are very familiar with the park, their vehicle and how to get you in and out in the same condition as long as you listen to their guidance. Rausch Creek has thousands of acres to play on and have broken their trails into different levels from beginner to advanced. Their levels are Green, Blue, Black and Red. We also fallow the same levels when creating our groups but we add in sub levels such as Green/Blue, Blue/Black and Black/Red.

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